Nicolston Mill

Location: Alliston

Status: The Grist Mill is open year round

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: Once run by a mill race, the mill is now powered by an antique tractor. Mr. Nicol built this grist mill and dam in a period of which much of the farm land in Southern Ontario was planted in wheat. Census of 1861 reported that there were 13 flour and grist mills operating in Simcoe County. With the opening of the Prairie lands to settlement, Southern Ontario became far less important as the wheat growing region. Many mills were forced to close down. The Nicol Mill was able to stay in business, due mainly to the dam, which provided a profitable income for the Nicols.

In 1890, the dam was washed out but rebuilt. In 1954, the dam was breached around the north end, due to floods caused by Hurricane Hazel and the repair was fill. The present owner Franklin Daniel Nicol is the 5th Great Grandson of the founder and has opened the doors to the public to view this historic landmark.