Walter's Falls Mill

Location: Walter's Falls

Status: The remaining of the mill is viewing only

Waypoint: Google Map

Summary: Walter's Falls was founded by John Walter over 153 years ago. Settling around the river, John harnessed the water power to develop a sawmill, feedmill and woolen mill. The sawmill was owned by the Olmstead brothers until it was sold to Willard Hallman in the mid 1940's. The sawmill increased its power capacity and expanded in the 50's, but outgrew the power and changed to the hydro grid in the early 80's Willard's son John continued to operate the sawmill until it burned in 1984. The sawmill was rebuilt on a larger property on the edge of town and is operated by John's son Paul Hallman. The feedmill continues to operate on water power.

The Falls Inn opened in 2005 after 3 years of planning and construction. The Inn is decorated with the fine hardwoods produced on-site for many years. The sawmill pub displays historic photographs from the days when the old mill was still operating. Oil paintings by Francis Hallman-Chong (John's sister) of the sawmill hang throughout the building and depict the operation of the mill from over 2 decades ago.

The ruin above the falls

The new Falls Inn